Design That Matters (DTM) Technical

Using BDS’s technical and product expertise, the BDS engineering team together with the DTM team successfully specified, designed, built and tested the Firefly electronics and successfully delivered our prototypes to field trials.  To date these Firefly prototypes continue functioning in the field and have been awarded, along with DTM, numerous prestigious national awards.


In only 5 months, BDS helped DtM move from a product architecture to a working set of Firefly newborn phototherapy devices for clinical trial. BDS not only provided an electrical engineering design, but also key calculations for our optical and thermal design when other expertise fell through. Preliminary results from the clinical trial show an astounding 40% reduction in treatment time compared to state-of-the-art overhead phototherapy. We could not have developed this breakthrough product without the genius and dedication of BDS through many project twists and turns. The clinical trial devices have continued to treat infants beyond our one-month timeline, allowing us to conduct an extended clinical trial during Spring 2012. The resulting Firefly newborn phototherapy has been awarded numerous prestigious national awards.



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Elizabeth Johansen, Director of Product Development