Design Validation & Test

BDS has extensive expertise in Complex System Validation and Test.  By using a combination of Test Equipment , BDS fTest Diagnostic Suite, and Environmental Chambers, BDS can successfully design but also validate your design against your requirements.
Hardware requirements and performance are increasing, along with reliability requirements.  BDS can work with you to put together a comprehensive test strategy to validate your design and test early to find and root cause any potential issues.
BDS Design Validation and Test expertise includes the following:
  • Interface Testing with BDS fTest Diagnostics
  • Performance Testing
  • Voltage Margin Testing
  • Power Margin Testing
  • Temperature Testing
  • HALT/HESS Testing
  • Standard Interface (Ethernet) Testing
  • Eye Pattern Compliance
  • Compliance Testing Support
  • FCC/EU/UL/TUV Compliance Test Support
  • JTAG Test Vector Creation
  • ICT Test
Design Validation & Test Success Stories
  • Sniper Detection Ethernet Board
  • VPX Processor Board
  • Industrial LED System