Lab Equipment

BDS has purchased the necessary lab equipment needed to debug most common hardware and software issues.  But, given the diverse and fast changing interfaces in today projects, BDS also relies on equipment rental or vendor supplied equipment to keep your costs down.

Often times specialized equipment like PCIE Analyzers or 20+ Ghz oscilloscopes is only needed for short period of time to support debug, test, and design verification.  For specialized equipment needed for short periods of time. BDS can rent the equipment from a few resources.

Over the last 5 years of testing boards, BDS has purchased equipment needed for general test and debug.


BDS Equipment includes the following:


  • 10Ghz Oscilloscope
  • BDS3000 Debugger
  • Freescale Debugger
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Vector Signal Analyzer
  • Phase Noise Test System
  • Deep Memory Infiniium Scope
  • 20 Ghz Sampling Scope
  • Logic Analysis Mainframe
  • SPI Generator and Monitor
  • I2C Generator and Monitor (Master and Slave)
  • FPGA Download Cables