Signal Integrity

BDS has extensive expertise in high speed and controlled impedance design.  BDS has successfully routed high speed digital signals up to 30 Ghz and board-board signals up to 5Ghz.  To successfully achieve these speeds, BDS performed a Signal Integrity Analysis on the components, layout, stackup, and material to achieve optimum routing and pcb construction.

Signal Integrity Analysis Tools include:


  • Synopsys Hspice
  • Ansoft HFSS
  • Ansoft SIWave
  • Ansoft Designer SI
  • Sisoft QSI300


BDS Signal Integrity Analysis includes the following:


  • Transmitter & Receiver Modeling
  • Import SPICE, IBIS, and S-Parameter Models
  • Create models
  • Pre-layout Simulation
  • PCB Layout Rule Generation
  • Import PCB Layout and Stackup to model
  • Run Post-layout Simulation


Technologies Include:


  • 30+ Ghz routing techniques
  • Differential pairs
  • Controlled Impedance
  • Noise Isolation
  • High Speed Material:  Nelco 4000, Megtron 6, and Rogers 4350B


Signal Integrity Success Stories

  • 5Ghz SERDES board to board with Coax cable
  • DDR3 and PCIE Gen2 Analysis
  • 100G Ethernet