System Diagnostics

BDS has extensive expertise in large system design including Embedded Processor, FPGA, and Networking systems where each usually includes Processors, FPGAs, Memory and High Speed Peripherals.  Given the complexity of these systems, BDS has developed diagnostic software over the past 5 years for use to test each of these subsystems in the lab and in manufacturing test.  
BDS fTest Diagnostic Software is a C based and also U-boot based software package designed to fully test each board interface.  
Concurrent Integration
BDS has been extensively using software tools and vendor development systems to allow us to design, test, and integrate our software and hardware in PARALLEL with the product design.  This allows us to find system issues before the board is done, but also have known working software and applications to test on the new hardware, greatly reducing the development schedule.
BDS fTest Diagostic Software includes the following:
  • Command Line Interface
  • Test Repeat
  • Test Fail and Continue on Failure
  • Test Status
  • Multiple message verbosity levels to support debug
  • Performance Testing
  • Full Memory Interface Testing
  • Burst Testing
  • IO Testing:  Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C, CAN
  • SERDES BERT Testing
Test Technologies Include:
  • DDR2, QDR Memory
  • PCIe Gen2
  • Ethernet 10G, 1G, 100M, 10M, PHY
  • USB1.1/USB2.0
  • CAN
Diagnostic Software Success Stories
  • fTest ported to FPGA Microcontroller for VPX Processor Board
  • fTest ported to U-boot on PPC on a HeadEnd Video Recording roject
  • fTest ported to Linux and X86 on Wifi Signal Tester