System Software

BDS has extensive expertise in systems that require a lot of Embedded Software, Linux Drivers, Linux Applications, and Touchscreen GUI design. Whether your platform is small low cost microcontroller to a FPGA based embedded processor to a full blown OS system, BDS canassist with software needed to get your product to market fast.

Concurrent Integration

BDS has been extensively using software tools and vendor development systems to allow us to design, test, and integrate our software and hardware in PARALLEL with the product design.  This allows us to find system issues before the board is done, but also have known working software and applications to test on the new hardware, greatly reducing the development schedule

BDS Software expertise includes the following


  • Microcontroller based control systems
  • DSP algorithms
  • U-boot Drivers
  • Linux Drivers
  • Linux Applications
  • QT
  • Android

Software Technologies Include

  • Linux PCIE Re-Enumeration to support
  • FPGA PCIE Cores
  • Android touchscreen
  • GUIU-boot and Linux FPGA download
  • U-boot and Linux DMA and FPGA drivers


Software Success Stories

  • C Embedded Software to control LED lighting
  • PCIE Re-Enumeration and DMA drivers to FPGA Project
  • Android GUI for automatic drink maker