Turn Key Services

Need a product, but don't want to manage its design, development, manufacture and delivery? The BDS turnkey solution or one stop shop is the answer.


Turnkey Products - From Concept to Delivery

When we started out we thought that BDS would do just the electronics design and development. People soon asked us to do the whole process, so the electronic turnkey solution service was created.

With your customer at the center, BDS provides all the parts of your business that you do not want to be good at, letting you concentrate on what you do best. BDS will take care of your design and development. Then we will launch your product to manufacture and ensure that the supply chain for components work. We can even arrange stocking and delivery logistics if required so you can place orders with us and the product gets shipped to your customer.



The main advantage of an electronic turnkey solution is you get one point of contact and the back end part of your business is all taken care of. The design, the development, engineering, the document control, the change control, the product testing and standards compliance all seamless to your business. We have found this suits starts ups and entrepreneurs looking to get a product out on to the market. It also seems to suit larger companies who then concentrate on their customers and their needs.

If you only need the design and development, that's OK. If you need development and manufacturing but want to handle the logistics no problem. Let us know your combination and we'll create and electronic turnkey solution to suit.